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Incorporate Proof Of Reserve Audits To Your Centralized Crypto Platform And Earn The Trust Of The Crypto Investors

Transparency and comprehensiveness are essential to building a comprehensive crypto exchange platform, as well as compliance with all relevant financial regulations. A Proof of Reserve solution demonstrates the funds held in any crypto exchange platform through third-party audits where cryptographic techniques are used to prove users’ funds are securely held in company reserves. Proof-of-Reserves audits are a critical and necessary part of the financial system, allowing organizations to demonstrate they have sufficient assets to cover their liabilities. 

What is Proof of Reserve (PoR)?

Proof of Reserves (PoR) is a transparent auditing practice for cryptocurrency companies, providing an unbiased report on a company’s reserves. Third-party verifiers have access to cryptographic signatures representing total balances of customer assets, and custodians of those assets have equivalent (or greater) reserve funds to cover potential customer withdrawals. 

This prevents liquidity crises in the event of a “bank run” when customers withdraw in mass and provide users with transparency regarding where their funds are. Proof of Reserves uses blockchain technology and offers a secure way to audit crypto exchanges  without revealing individual user details. 

Why Crypto Exchanges Must Leverage Proof-of-reserves Integrations in Their Platforms?

  • Proof Of Reserve helps build trust for your platform among users. 
  • It is more common for investors to use platforms with proof of reserve interaction than those without.
  • Your platform users can verify the proof of reserve audit with the merkley tree hashing method making them trust your platform. 

How Proof of Reserves Work?  

Proof of reserves creates a snapshot of a company’s balance sheets and provides transparent “proof” that a crypto company has sufficient assets to cover its liabilities at any time. This acts as a guarantee that crypto companies are not facing a liquidity crisis, and customers can withdraw their funds at any time.

Proof of Reserves uses a secure data structure called a Merkle Tree (or Hash Tree) to aggregate the sum of all customer balances without revealing any personal information. All aggregated data is accessible via Merkle roots. A Merkle Root is a tamper-proof cryptographic fingerprint that verifiers can access to verify account balance information. Data is kept safe and protected from tampering and hacking by using the Merkle Tree hashing mechanism that underpins blockchain technology.

Why is Proof of Reserves necessary?


Proof of reserves is essential as it helps build and maintain users’ trust and confidence in that platform. It is crucial for crypto exchange platforms to gain the trust and confidence of the investors, and establishing adequate proof of reserves enables platforms to maintain transparency and is critical to ensuring the project’s continuity.


Another important discovery of Proof of Reserves is to create a safe and healthy ecosystem. At its core, Proof of Reserves is a self-regulatory practice that encourages openness by requiring exchanges to disclose their holdings to the public regularly. This allows market participants to make informed decisions about where to trade and ensures that everyone follows the same rules. Ultimately, PoR is essential to provide a safe and trustworthy environment for value exchange in the crypto world. 


Cryptocurrency traders and investors are well aware of projects that appear to be maintained by shadowy figures. The unique transparency of our PoR software brings a sense of accountability to the project. Demonstrating a willingness to disclose reserves information is a surefire way to instill confidence in a leader’s accountability and responsibility in the broader market. This could be especially useful for projects during difficult bearish crypto market cycles. 

Proof Of Reserve Audits: The Trust Card For Your Crypto Exchanges. Get It Now!

How Are Proof-Of-Reserve Audits Conducted?

The Proof-Of-Reserve Audits are conducted by a third-party auditors. External auditors obtain proof of reserves during audits by creating anonymized snapshots of user balances. These are typically calculated by hashing the user’s account balance with a unique ID. The verifier then aggregates them into a cryptographic Merkle tree to generate a Merkle root, a cryptographic hash that uniquely represents the combination of all user balances. 

Merkle Trees allow you to check the accuracy of all balances by simply comparing a few anonymous balances to verified balances. A set of these checks can be used to prove the correctness of the entire tree without having to examine each one individually. For example, users can see that their account balances are included in the tree. Users can hash the balance and unique ID and look for it in the Merkle Tree.

The cryptocurrency exchange may release Merkle Tree-based PoR certificates in the form of snapshots on a regular basis, such as weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Alternatively, the company can provide real-time certificates on the website. While snapshots are sufficient to prove the solvency of a cryptocurrency company at a particular point in time, real-time proof can confirm at any time that the funds came from the exchange, thus reducing exchange readiness.

The final step is to obtain a digital signature from the custodian that proves they control the on-chain address containing the asset. If the associated digital signature balance matches the one obtained from Merkle Tree, verifiers can confirm that the platform holds reserves for all customer assets.


Entrepreneurs who are willing to make their mark in this blockchain space can venture into a crypto exchange platform with our ready made clone solutions or a white-label solution. Our experts master proof of reserve systems and will help you develop and integrate a comprehensive proof of reserve system and increase the transparency and trust of your white-label crypto exchange solution. 

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