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Blockchain and crypto are not all about investing in a good Cryptocurrency and trending them for a better price anymore. It has become just more with the gaining popularity of among the techies day by day. People started moving towards blockchain after the sudden surge of Bitcoins. Later a number of Cryptocurrencies came out. Now people are moving towards investing in IDOs and entrepreneurs are moving towards IDO launchpad development with DAO maker Clone.

Why do people give more attention to Initial DEX Offering these days?  Is it a better fundraising model? Why is this the right time for entrepreneurs to get started with IDO launchpad development? Is your brain running around all these questions? Here is a quick read for you to know everything.

Why is IDO all the hype?

People started hearing about Bitcoins and their surge in value drastically. They were attracted by the passive income it gave and gradually started investing in other Cryptocurrencies. Soon crypto exchange platforms came out and people earned their fair share of passive income from them. With the rising popularity of Cryptocurrencies, many new users entered the world of blockchain. People started to look for better options and that is when IDO came in. IDO tokens were affordable, offered immediate trading options, and gave better returns either through trading or through a blockchain product or a service.

On the other hand, the previous crypto crowdfunding models failed with their own challenges, and IDO was introduced as a solution to make things possible. Initial Coin Offering was not regulated at all, so there were a lot of scams that created distrust among the investors. Meanwhile, Initial Exchange Offering imposed a heavy listing fee and regulations on the project that restricted some projects. So crypto geeks found Initial DEX Offering a better option than not only bringing the fund they need but also the liquidity to the tokens.

The need for IDO Launchpad development

IDO has become the need on both ends, waiting for a bridge to connect the Blockchain projects and the investors. Investors look for reliability that they are not investing in scams. This is when an IDO launchpad comes in. An IDO launchpad is a platform that lists down innovative IDO projects for investors. It helps blockchain projects reach potential investors and receive the funds it deserves for their development. It checks the projects for their legitimacy and performs a series of security checks before listing them on the platform. Thus an IDO platform creates a reliable environment for the investors to put their investments without any fear.

White-label solution for IDO launchpad development

Entrepreneurs who are getting ready to enter the world of blockchain are now eyeing IDO launchpad development but not everyone finds it easy. Developing any blockchain-based platform from scratch is indeed a tiring process. It requires a lot of research, resources, and time. There is always a solution for every challenge faced. Developers in blockchain started launching blockchain platforms using white-label solutions. They are pre-engineered or pre-developed blockchain platforms that are developed based on an already existing platform. They are tested for bugs and are kept ready for customization.

These white-label clones are functional and easy to customize. They are open to adding new features and can also scale up the existing features. The time taken for customizing the platform depends on the level of complexity of the features.

DAO Maker clone- The cutting edge white-label solution

When it comes to IDO launchpads, there are many dedicated launchpads built for specific blockchain networks. There are also multi-chain launchpads that can host IDOs of projects of several blockchain networks. Each and every launchpad has its own uniqueness that helps the blockchain community to prosper. Crypto users prefer investing in promising projects from a promising IDO launchpad. DAO Maker is one such promising IDO launchpad that is serving the blockchain community effectively

DAO Maker is a platform that offers a fair platform for the investors to participate in an Initial DEX Offering. The native token of DAO Maker is the DAO Token which is a liquidity provider token that allows the users to participate in the IDOs when staked.

The users have to stake the native token and they will be classified into 5 categories or Tranches based on the number of tokens they stake. They will be whitelisted and allowed to participate in the IDO equally. The higher their tranche, the higher will be their chance of winning an allocation in the IDO.

DAO Maker clone, the ducting edge Whitelabel solution has it all. It will be a perfect clone script that will help entrepreneurs to fill in their own innovation to curate an IDO launchpad.

DAO maker Clone:How to get started?

Now you might question what are the prerequisites to start a DAO Maker clone. Here are a few you should be aware of before you get in touch with your developer.

  1. Have your innovation penned? Start ideating plans for your IDO launchpad platform. Having a clear-cut idea on it will ease the entire development process.
  2. Choose the blockchain on which you want your platform to be built and the attributes of your native currency.
    Decide the features that will make your platform unique
  3. Have a robust design for the user interface. Make it easy and comfortable for beginners since the industry is attracting a lot of non-financial new users.

At TurnkeyTown, we have experts who can help you with right from penning your ideation to post-development support. We have a team of expert developers and professional digital marketing experts who can take care of everything right from the beginning.

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As mentioned earlier, we offer end-to-end service. TurnkeyTown developers are skilled enough to bring out your dream IDO launchpad in any blockchain you desire. Ourexpert blockchain enthusiasts can mint your native token and help you reach the finish line in the blockchain race in no time.

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