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Hyper Dragons is the first-ever decentralized fighting game and the first invested strategy-based Blockchain game built on Ethereum. It is a digital collectible play-to-earn game. Dragons can be purchased and traded using Ether. All digital game assets are sold as ERC-721, which means it is easy to sell, exchange, and transfer. All dragons vary in their appearance, i.e., their level of cuteness or coolness. They represent their players in matches, so a gamer’s priority is to train their warrior dragons for battle. The three core features that strengthen a dragon are its skills, glory, and hit point. A player prepares his dragon by increasing the value of the three functionalities mentioned earlier. It has beat every arena-based gameplay out there and other Blockchain games. Developing a HyperDragons Clone will be a foolproof successful game.

You can easily play this game if you have experience playing Clash Of Clans, Castle Clash, or Lords mobile. The gist of the game is that a gamer has to build his armored dragon castle, i.e., the game’s town hall. The battles are for resources and rewards with other users on the Ethereum Blockchain around the world.

Let’s dive deeper into the game to know why people keep falling in love with it.


Dragons are like the troops in Clash OF Clans; they fight the battles, mine for NFTs and tokens, defend your castle, and they can also be traded for Ether. Each dragon differs in its unique ability, appearance, and skill. The bottom line is that possessing a good dragon is a key element for the game. It determines the lengths to which you will proceed in the game, such as how many battles you win, how many resources you mine, and the quality of babies your dragons will give birth to. These babies can then either be bred as your own or traded in for Ether. The game’s native token is DST. More expensive dragons will mine more DST tokens and win more battles, enabling you to earn more. If you have experience playing strategy games, you understand the concept of troops and how they function. The stronger a person’s troops are, the more battles they win, which translates into rewards. More rewards mean more defense as a gamer first always looks to fortify his town hall with the in-game rewards.

Major requirements of a dragon

There are three major requirements that every dragon has to possess in order to perform well on the battlefield. The first and the most crucial requirement is their hit points. Just like all online battlefield games, the hit points represent a dragon’s life power during the battle; therefore, the hit points are stronger than the dragon, and the possibility of defeat is minimal. The second is to take into account the different unique skills that various dragons in your kingdom have. Well-strategized gameplay uses the strong abilities of different dragons together like a puzzle whose pieces all fall in. Your game plan determines whether you win or lose the fight.

Last but not least is their honor. A dragon’s honor is the level of upgrade it has received. The higher a dragon’s honor, the mightier the dragon is. Exquisite dragons win more wars and get better rewards. These three ingredients for a mighty dragon determine the value of a dragon in the marketplace.

Dragon Castle

Clash of Clan players call it town hall; Hyper Dragon has named it Dragon Castle. Players build castles as their strongholds to store their assets. The strength of your castle determines where you stand in the game. When you create a higher castle, the taller the dragons you will be allowed to possess and thereby bring you more assets. Stronger dragons also mean that you can mine more DST. You need to build the best defense in order to hold more assets as your opponents will look into ways to break the hold of your castle and steal your assets. Your dragon castle limits the number of resources you can house and the dragons you can own. So your first task would be to upgrade your dragon castle as much as possible.

Battle Time

I am sure that you are already familiar with the concept but let me repeat how battles work once more. Stronger dragons have the potential to win more matches against other opponents, and the rewards for these victories are Ethers. People can even observe these battles and bet on who will win. If they’re right, they will be rewarded. This cool feature allows you to have fun while being a bystander.

Why is it better to develop a HyperDragons Clone?

Hyper Dragons clone is a white label game planned and developed by our army of experts that is open to customization and innovation. This can entitle anything from building new features to customizing existing features to fit your requirements. Users will pool in to play your game as it is a gamer’s paradise. Their dream is to earn while playing, and you will make that possible. Not just that, gamers will be able to trust your gaming platform as it is built on the Ethereum Blockchain technology.

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