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How To Easily Launch A White Label OnlyFans Clone App In 2021?

In this entertainment-seeking world, launching a white label OnlyFans clone app can help you to quickly gain the attention of a wide audience. Keep reading to explore the path to your success.

OnlyFans is an adult subscription-based platform that offers complete liberty to content creators. Initially, the app was launched by keeping the sex workers in mind. But after facing a lot of controversies and cases, OnlyFans made a decision to remove the sexually explicit content from the platform and also ban nudity. But still, the record states that it is not completely taken into effect up to date. 

OnlyFans has paid over three billion dollars to its content creators, who are more than a million in number. It serves as the most entertaining platform for over 100 million registered users across the globe.

Based on research, it is likely that the user base of OnlyFans is going to witness a spike in numbers soon. The major reason for the popularity of the app is due to the vast number of content creators available on the platform. Their soulful fans consistently follow their content which increases the money flow through your app. Almost 95% of the content creators charge an average price of 30 dollars or even less than that.

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How to develop an app like OnlyFans?

Know your target niche:

Before stepping into any business, it is important to understand the needs in the market. You can achieve this by doing sincere market research. Take a set of people from different locations and conduct a survey. This can extensively help you to decide on what features to include in your app.

Know your competitors: 

It is crucial to know who you are competing with and what are their strengths and weaknesses. Analyze and understand the functioning of the app and what the users are thinking about the app. This can help you to easily overcome any difficulties they have faced and make changes to attract more users to your app.

Define objective:

Make sure what you want to give your audience through your app like OnlyFans. Instead of having many objectives and confusing yourself, it is better to have one clearly defined objective and focus on it throughout the development of the app. This also boosts the final outcome of your app. 

Documentation process:

It is important to file up detailed documentation of each step involved in developing your app from the start and about the future estimation. This not only aids you to keep track of the process but also allows you to easily gain the acceptance of sponsors to invest in your app.

Development of the app:

OnlyFans like app development can be done in two effective ways, which are as follows,

You can build a robust adult subscription platform from scratch. In this way, the complete responsibility for the development of your app is in your hand. The duration of the development of your app is directly proportional to the app development team you hire. 

The other way is by purchasing a ready-to-launch app. It is nothing but a pre-built app packed with all the key features and functions just like that of the parent app. As it is 100% customizable, you can easily customize and launch an app like OnlyFans in a matter of a few days. The scalability of the clone app is vast. Therefore you can customize the app to a vast extent as per your business requirements. Continue reading to know how the OnlyFans clone app works.

How does an app like OnlyFans clone work?

  1. The users take up an easy registration process by entering basic details such as name, contact number, etc.
  2. As it is an adult subscription platform, underage users are not allowed to enter. The app asks for age proof which, upon verification by the admin panel, the account activation occurs. 
  3. After verification, users can now browse through the app and find the profiles of their favorite content creators. 
  4. The users can subscribe to their favorite content creators and follow their content regularly. 
  5. For subscribing, the users can directly pay the content creators through the multiple payment methods integrated with the app.
  6. Utilizing the in-app chat feature, the users can send content requests as well as personalized text messages to the content creators.
  7. As a token of encouragement, the users can tap on the tips icon displayed on the screen to select and pay the value of a pre-fixed tip. This boosts the creators to make more entertaining content. 

Perks in launching an OnlyFans clone app:

  • The app that eases the stress of the users is considered a boon by many. Thus by developing an entertainment app that provides the utmost user benefits can help you attract a vast number of users quickly. 
  • The content creators can post any content as they wish and get money directly from the fans. Apart from increasing the fan base, it will also help the creators to earn additional revenue. 
  • There are plenty of ways to spin money through your adult subscription-based platform. By implementing the revenue model, you can generate huge revenue. This can help you in expanding your app and elevating your business to another level.
  • Deploying a white-label OnlyFans clone app will allow you to make your app available in the market right away. Therefore you can gain better reach among the audience in a short period of time. 
  • The OnlyFans clone offers complete security to the content uploaded by the content creators. This ensures the safety of the contents. Therefore no user can take a screenshot or misuse the content. In case of any malpractice, the user’s account automatically gets deleted. This is the major reason for the traction of millions of creators to an app like OnlyFans. 

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To put it all together,

Launching an app that offers utmost entertainment to the users and gives complete liberty to the content creators can never go wrong. In this stressful lifestyle, watching the videos of our favorite content creators gives the most relaxing vibes. 

TurnkeyTown is a reputed app development company with years of experience in developing robust clone apps. Without thinking much, get going with OnlyFans clone app development and elevate your business to the next level.

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