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How To Build A Flourishing E-Learning App Like Udemy?

In the fast-growing technology and high revenue growth in the on-demand marketplace, online learning has rapidly grown and has created an enormous demand for online courses. This attracted a massive audience like professors and clients for tutoring regarding general and professional courses. Udemy app offers multiple lessons for the students to learn through online platforms and connect virtually with proficient tutors. E-learning app like Udemy saves tons of time for the users to learn courses from various topics. The users will be allowed to browse any content regarding their course subject. The Udemy app provides users also to download the course videos, live stream with their tutor, and whatnot? Almost many entrepreneurs are thriving in educational businesses. With the help of the app developers, launching an app like Udemy is so efficient and straightforward.

The Revenue Model Of The E-Learning App Like Udemy:

Udemy is a beautiful platform for all users as it contains courses in more than 65 languages. It is exclusively created for students of all age groups and working professionals. Courses are formed in each category, like in design, business, or programming, by professional instructors. The revenue model of the Udemy app is structured with a course fee charged according to the instructors for every course. With the current stats, over 50 million have enrolled in over 1,50,000 courses in the e-learning platform, making a revenue value of $2million process.

Udemy courses are based on lectures, including videos, text, and other resources suggested by the instructor. They can also add a test for the students, coding exercises, quizzes, assignments, and practice tests to help the students improve their knowledge and stay updated with the course.


The Features are available on the udemy.com website, mobile web, Android App, and iOS app.

  • Video and Audio Lectures: The users can stream into live video sessions of the courses and listen to audio lectures while looking into the course materials.
  • Search Filter: The users can now explore in-depth and search for relevant content.
  • Archived Courses: Now, the students can view archived or their favorite courses with just a touch in the app.
  • Optimal Learning: The students can take practice tests or any quizzes on their phones with this feature.
  • Download Quality: Download and watch lessons offline, and they are also allowed to choose the resolution of the video content that is to be watched offline. They can also manage the size that needs to be downloaded.
  • Time Set Goal: They can set their own pace according to their learning process and choose different speed options.
  • Interaction: Through the Q&A feature, students can interact with their instructors.
  • Mini Player: They are also allowed to multitask while learning a course.
  • Background Player: In a course background, the students can now listen to the course lectures.

Why Create An E-Learning App Like Udemy?

Many E-learning apps are budding drastically in recent years. Creating an E-learning app like Udemy is more effective, which can enlarge your business in the future. Everything is changed through this emergence of e-learning and started a significant trend of learning new courses of all ages. Many E-learning platforms like Udacity, edX, and Coursera significantly impact creating video format lectures and providing a wide range of details for the course. It also includes other electronic formats to keep the users staying with them throughout the classes. Even the top institutions in countries worldwide have created their platforms and websites to provide immense knowledge to many users.

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The E-learning platform is based on two types. They are:

  • MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses)
  • LMS (Learning Management System)

First and foremost, the original way of e-learning is based on the Massive Open Online Courses(MOOC), which is more or less the same as the online e-commerce markets like Amazon or eBay. Any teachers, professors, government, university, or freelancers are allowed to upload their own teaching scripts and materials and can be sold to the students in such sites. They can also help them or advise them to succeed in graduation.

Secondly, the Learning Management System (LMS) platform type allows development, upload, or saving the courses. In this type, they can also prepare reports regarding the work. Currently, there are more than 700 LMS sites. It is widely used for corporate training.

  • Adding paid content – To access a particular tool or advanced courses, the users had to make a one-time payment or monthly payment opinions. This allows the users to access any course details with advanced features.
  • Paid advertisement: Adding advertising banners to the site is paid for by the clients. You are also allowed to add an ad-blocking function to make it as paid.
  • Coupons/discounts- You can also give discounts on a particular tool to attract many users. This can be a vital usage for the users.
  • The duration of a single training course is 5 to 10 weeks long.
  • After the purchase of a course, the users can access it for 2 to 10 hours per week.
  • There is also a talk given at the end of a course to complete in-depth learning.
  • There are tutors for each course, and the students can interact for further queries regarding the course. The tutors will also supervise the students.
  • After all the completion of a course, an exam is mandatory for the students.

The user does not have access to promote their own product. The in-built promotion algorithm on the platform enables the site to give the users suitable courses according to their requests. It also suggests unknown new programs. There are many search parameters highlighted in the platform. The site search is developed regarding all the nuances such as course duration, cost, program search, and many more as the site offers more than 100,000 courses for the users.

How To Get Ahead With The Udemy Clone Script?

The demand e-learning platform is a great boon to start a business in this field. Many developers provide a complete solution for entrepreneurs to build an app with Udemy Clone script. App developers at TurnkeyTown, provide you with a robust and 100% customizable app. It has the exact original script enabling you to access all the features. You can create an incredible e-learning platform innovatively and instantly.

Winding Up:

Make a way to say goodbye to the traditional learning lessons with your robust e-learning platforms for your users. E-learnings serve the instructors and the users in a proficient way of learning and exploring new things and courses. This e-learning will be a great success in the upcoming market. Create your own e-learning app like Udemy instantly.

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