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How NFT Aggregator API Serves As The One Stop Venue To Trade NFTs?

We all know that NFTs are one mind-blowing innovation that has significantly impacted the economic sector worldwide. Though NFT was first developed in 2014, 2021 is considered the golden year for NFT. And the NFT boom was witnessed worldwide in 2021, where many NFT marketplaces and generative NFTs sprung up to capitalize on the NFT boom. This blog discusses the NFT aggregator API and its benefits. 

NFT Marketplace is an open platform (centralized and decentralized) where NFTs are minted and listed for sale. Marketplaces play a strategic role in promoting NFTs and connecting creators with potential buyers and investors. The Marketplace also creates opportunities for investors to trade and exchange NFTs in P2P transactions. NFTs are created on blockchains with smart contract capabilities such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Solana.Just as NFTs can be created on different blockchains, they can also be sold on different markets depending on the creator’s preferences. Some marketplaces are more strict about accepting creators and listing NFTs, while others are open to most (if not all) types of NFTs. For example, marketplaces like OpenSea, SolSea, and Rarible accept all kinds of NFTs, while others are specific to photo NFTs, music NFTs, etc. Due to a large number of marketplaces, investors and NFT enthusiasts often have to switch between these marketplaces to find the desired NFTs, and finding the suitable Marketplace to buy from in terms of gas prices and other factors can be very tedious. Investors might end up not buying rare NFTs while trying to navigate a myriad of platforms. That’s where the NFT Marketplace Aggregator comes into play.

What is NFT Marketplace Aggregator?

An NFT marketplace aggregator is a website or software that collects data or information from various NFT marketplaces and displays it to users in a unified dashboard. In other words, an NFT aggregator is a platform that displays multiple NFTs posted on numerous marketplaces in a single platform. Such aggregators allow traders and investors to easily trade NFTs from various markets without visiting them individually. These aggregators can be considered all-in-one marketplaces as they bundle NFTs from multiple markets and make buying and selling NFTs seamless for the parties concerned. It enables investors to get a broader view of different markets by allowing them to compare NFT prices, gas prices, minting fees, and other essential factors. It also eliminates the need for investors to navigate different markets, thereby spending less time. The marketplace aggregator also enables consolidated purchases where investors can bulk purchase NFTs from various sources in a single transaction. 

What Is The Need For NFT Aggregator API Platform? 

The NFT Aggregator API platform provides real-time analytical data on the NFT market. These platforms typically offer access to NFTs residing on marketplace platforms, allowing users to learn more, spot differences, and trade NFT items effectively and at a low cost. The application program interfaces of these aggregators enable humans to retrieve data related to each NFT product to manage and process transactions. Data from these platforms can be matched against themes such as marketplaces and collections.,,, and are popular aggregator APIs for NFT applications today. The NFT aggregator platform with API integration will be a significant breakthrough for users who want to spend less time browsing NFTs. In short, the combination of API software and the development of NFT Marketplace provides users with real-time analytical data on the NFT Market. It provides access to digital assets residing on industry platforms with impeccable functionality. Some of the information that the NFT Aggregator marketplace API gives NFT users is:

  • NFT details like price, availability, rarity, etc.
  • Cost of NFTs across various platforms.
  • Real-time data of multiple platforms accessed under one roof.

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Features Of An NFT Aggregator API: 

Easy NFT Navigation

NFT aggregator APIs can be designed to function like NFT search engines. For example, if you’re developing an NFT aggregator marketplace and want users to be able to search for a specific NFT, the NFT aggregator API can be beneficial in such cases. The NFT aggregator API allows the application to return NFTs associated with one particular key phrase entered by the user. 

NFT Metadata Collection

API can retrieve and store NFT metadata from various blockchain networks. As NFT aggregator APIs are fully cross-chain compatible, users can access a wide range of NFT metadata and make the best buying decision.   

Conducting NFT Ownership Verification

NFT ownership information can be retrieved and verified with simple API calls. Data like accounts containing specific NFTs, off-chain data associated with those accounts, NFTs stored in a given wallet address, etc., can be retrieved using NFT aggregator API. 

Procuring Information Related To NFT Owners

With the appropriate NFT aggregator API, you can extract details or data about the NFT owner regardless of the standard to which the particular NFT adheres. Additionally, API can provide important information about the NFT, such as transmission history and ownership.

Social Media NFT Integration

Some NFT aggregator APIs can legitimately serve as off-the-shelf services to smoothly integrate NFTs with social media platforms. These out-of-the-box NFT aggregator APIs enable social media companies to deliver an excellent, hassle-free user experience.

Accessing NFT Analytics

The ability to extract core analytics relevant to NFTs is essential for organizations working with NFTs. Specifically designed for analytics, the NFT aggregator API allows you to retrieve critical NFT data and gain valuable insights on your blockchain. 

NFT Provenance-Based Audit

Seamlessly use the NFT aggregator API to easily and quickly track the entire ownership history of a given NFT.

How Can Buyers Make The Best Buying Decision With the NFT Aggregator API?

The below stats will help a buyer to know whether the NFT from a specific collection has higher or lower traction. 

  • Floor price means the lowest real-time price listed for an NFT in the Collection.
  • Average price means the average selling price of NFTs from the Collection for the selected period.
  • Sales turnover indicates the number of transactions that occurred on the NFTs in the Collection over a predefined time period.
  • A price range provides insight into the range in which most NFTs in the Collection are sold.
  • Mint activity will show the mint count, volume, time, price, and trends of a particular platform.

Some Advanced Features NFT Aggregator API Platform

  • Whale Tracking focuses on tracking the trading behaviour of large NFT holders or individuals with over 1 million worth of NFT. 
  • The Drops Calendar provides information on upcoming NFT Drops held in marketplaces supported by the NFT Aggregator API.
  • The rarity model provides insight into the rarity of each NFT in the Collection, helping owners/potential buyers make informed decisions.
  • Wash trade filters help provide statistics about NFT collections after filtering out suspicious wash trades.

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