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Hotstar Clone: Enjoy entertainment on your smartphone with an on demand video streaming app like hotstar

Disney+Hotstar is one of the leading entertainment content providers in the market following the OTT (Over the Top) model. Launched in 2015, it offers users access to movies, TV series, news, and sports. Disney+ and Hotstar merged in June 2018 and users can view content from Disney, Fox, Marvel, National Geographic, and Pixar now. Hotstar has more than 8 million subscribers.

As part of the Hotstar clone, we provide a robust admin dashboard, installation of the app, assist in seamless cross-platform compatibility, render technical support, and maintenance services.

How the Disney+ Hotstar clone is unique and appealing?


  1. Both local and international content can be easily accessed by the users at an affordable cost.
  2. When compared to going to theatres to see a movie, viewing it on Disney + Hotstar is cheaper and more convenient.
  3. There are no lengthy commercials, ads, and intervals ensuring a better user experience.

The latest developments related to Hotstar


  1. The revenue earned from advertisements surpassed the subscription revenue in 2020.
  2. It has more than 2.5 million subscribers in Indonesia beating Netflix that has 850,000 subscribers.
  3. It is getting a lot of viewers who watch cricket by partnering with telecom companies like Airtel and Reliance Jio. Ad revenue is received from sports gaming apps.
  4. Disney+ Hotstar teamed up with leading health and fitness brands like Sarva and Cult.Fit for sharing fitness videos and gym workouts on the platform. The content is available in English, Hindi, Telugu, and Kannada.

Disney+ Hotstar is expected to become the second-highest revenue-yielding video platform in India by 2025.


The key features of the on demand video streaming app like hotstar


  • Social media login facility – Users can utilize their existing social media accounts and login to access the entertainment content quickly.
  • The availability of a variety of content – Hotstar will appeal to every age group due to the interesting content that it offers like kid shows, movies, tv serials, and live matches.
  • Multilingual technical support – Keeping in mind the diversity in the customer base, content is available in different languages, and the translation is provided in the form of subtitles. This reaches a wider audience without facing any geographical limitations.
  • An advanced filter and search option – The required content will be fetched in just a few seconds. All the content is classified through genres and subgenres. A voice search facility is also available.
  • Offline viewing facility – For those users looking to reduce their consumption of the Internet, they can download their favourite shows and series in advance and watch them offline without facing any interruption.
  • Multi-screen watching – This feature is ideal for families who can view different entertainment programs simultaneously on various devices.
  • Integration with numerous payment gateways – Users can access premium content easily by making transactions quickly.
  • A review and rating system – The viewers can analyze the reviews published by those who have already watched a particular piece of content and then decide to watch it or not.
  • The issue of real-time push notifications – Alerts will be sent to users instantly when popular and trending videos are released on the Hotstar platform.
  • A local storage facility – With users most likely to use their smartphones for consuming content from the Hotstar platform, they can easily store videos on their gadget itself.
  • A watchlist option – Users can schedule content and watch it later by adding it to the watchlist. The app will automatically send reminders to the users to watch the content.
  • An admin panel – The admin is responsible for content management, sending push notifications instantly to the users, payment management, and handling analytics.
  • Buffering-free viewing – In some places where the users’ internet connection is not that strong, the Hotstar app will automatically degrade the quality of the video to ensure that there is no interruption while the users stream the content on the platform.

The step by step procedure for using a similar app like Hotstar


  1. The user has to register himself on the Hotstar clone and create an account.
  2. Instructions will be provided to them for smoothly navigating through the app for using the different features and functionalities.
  3. Various kinds of content like sports, movies, music, and news available on the platform will be displayed.
  4. Users have the option to add some content in their favourite section to view it regularly.
  5. Premium users can pay the required amount for certain content through the different subscription plans and view it hassle-free. Premium users become Hotstar VIP members and can access a lot of content except American TV shows.
  6. The content can be shared on other platforms by the users.


Compelling reasons to opt for the Hotstar clone


  1. Fully customized to completely satisfy the business requirements.
  2. Can accommodate a large number of issues without facing any issue.
  3. The availability of a 100% bug-free source code.
  4. Is highly scalable as new content can be added regularly on the platform. Software upgrades can also be done easily.


The different sources of revenue from the Disney+ Hotstar clone


  1. In-app advertisements through promotional videos, banner ads, and sponsored posts. The advertisement rates will be charged on a slot basis depending on the running time and visibility.
  2. Email marketing by sharing engaging newsletters that contain information about trending movies and TV shows.
  3. Affiliate marketing where payouts will be done either monthly or yearly.
  4. Sponsorship content where products and services of the leading brands will be displayed on the platform before, or after the videos.
  5. In-app purchases for users to buy special goods and merchandise.


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The process to build a top-notch on demand video streaming app like hotstar


  1. Determine the target audience and their likes and dislikes.
  2. Form a competent team that includes Android, and iOS app developers, project managers, business developers, QA engineers, UI/UX designers, video editors, frontend and backend developers, technical support staff, social media specialists, marketing managers, content producers, and content managers.
  3. Technological tools like Java, Python, Kotlin, Swift, MongoDB, MySQL, Google Maps API, Node.js, Azure Stream Analytics, and Google Analytics can be used.
  4. Opt for the right cloud infrastructure depending on the operational capacity of the platform.
  5. Digital content can be shared through platforms like Google Cloud CDN or Limelight CDN.
  6. Integrate a well-functioning video player.
  7. Add the needed features and functionalities on the Hotstar platform.
  8. Integrate a payment gateway for efficient fund management.
  9. Offer adequate personalization options for the users to enhance their overall entertainment experience.
  10. Incorporate real-time analytics on the platform to know the traffic, amount of downloads, and the number of hours spent by the users for streaming content.
  11. Launch the app at the right time in the market to get more business traction.


What will be the total cost to develop a hotstar clone


While there is no specific amount to incur, the costs will depend on the type of platform it is created on, the features and functionalities, the skillsets of the development team, and the duration involved in development. Extra expenses will have to be spent on maintaining the backend, data syncing, hosting it on an operational server, and design integration.


How the OTT market will evolve in the future?


With people still hesitant to go to theatres due to the coronavirus pandemic, the future of OTT platforms like Hotstar is very promising. Content will be led by gaming, sports, edutainment, health, and fitness in the years to come. The OTT market in India is expected to touch $5 billion by 2023. The key factors influencing the growth of OTT are a rise in disposable income of the users, increased internet facilities in rural areas, and freebies offered by telecom companies.



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