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Food is everyone’s favorite, but cooking is quite a tiring process. With this hectic scheduled lifestyle, people neither find time to cook nor travel to their favorite restaurants. Smartphones have been a solution for everything. Yes, the solution for all those carving folks is made available right on your smartphone with just a few clicks.

Rather than riding far distances and stuffing themselves into crowded restaurants, people can now relish their favorite foods in the leisure of their own homes. Food delivery apps served as a treat for all those cravers and older adults who were unable to come out.

On-demand food delivery app is one such solution that excels at channeling terrific returns and tremendous profitability. In 2021, the international market for online food delivery services is projected to grow from $115.07 billion to $126.91 billion at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.3%.

Evolution of food-delivery apps

Interestingly enough, historians can trace meal delivery services back as far as ancient Rome! As we do today, the Romans loved convenience meals, and they called their fast-food restaurants Thermopolium.

After the United States began to industrialize, fewer people lived in rural areas. Consequently, people began purchasing their milk from local farmers. Due to the perishability of milk and the lack of refrigeration, daily deliveries were essential. This led to milk deliveries becoming a standard practice for many Americans.

Slowly food trucks came into the business, and people began to get used to the convenience of getting food right at their workplace. The rise in the food truck industry pushed restaurant owners to make handy meal kits that are comfortable for people to take on-the-go and witnessed a massive increase in consumers.

Later on, the restaurant owners began the delivery services available for the consumers who can order their food by dialing the restaurant. This caught the eye of a few entrepreneurs and revived them to develop a mobile application that enables consumers to order food from their desired restaurants with just a few clicks. Nowadays, people are more comfortable ordering food online, and the number of users increases each day.

How does the Just Eat Clone app work?

Since the smartphone era started, the number of food-delivery apps is vast in the market. But still, the consumers get attracted to the app that features the best user experience and fantastic offers.
So this is high time to build your Just Eat clone app and grab the attention of all those hungry folks. In order to develop your on-demand food delivery app, it is vital to know how the app works and the features integrated with the app.

Workflow of Just Eat clone app

  • Users can sign up for the app using their email address and phone number immediately.
  • Customers are presented with an overview of all the restaurants in their area based on their location.
  • A customer can easily add food items to the cart and pay using any available payment method.
  • Food establishments receive orders, process them, and create the order for delivery.
  • Deliveries are collected from the restaurant by delivery executives.
  • The delivery executives deliver the order to the customers before the delivery time.
  • Reviews and ratings in the app allow customers to voice their opinions.

Salient features of the Just Eat clone script


Social media accounts can be used to enter app credentials besides email addresses and phone numbers. This helps the users to register quickly.

Table Reservation

Apart from ordering food online via your app, treat your users with the feature to reserve tables at their favorite restaurants.

Advanced search bar

With a highly advanced toolbar, users can spot their favorite restaurants or dishes in an ocean of available options embedded in the app.

Multiple Payment Options

Grace your users with the multiple payment options ranging from debit/credit card payment to mobile wallet payment, cash-on-delivery, etc.

Push notifications

Sends constant updates to the users regarding various discounts, offers and other promotional activities.

Apart from all those key features, the JustEat clone script is easily customizable. Thus by adding a wide range of components to your app, you can potentially grab the eye of consumers in a short span and flourish your business in no time.

Add-on features to your enhance Just Eat clone app are,

  • In-app chat
  • Live Tracking
  • User feeds
  • Logistics integration
  • Customer support
  • E-wallet and many more.

How does a Just Eat Clone app generate revenue?

Connection fee

You can expand your restaurant network by listing various restaurants and their offerings in your app. For this, you can charge a fee from the restaurant in return for using the app platform.

Transaction fee

The app owner gets a substantial amount of money for every transaction taking place in the app.

Advertisement fee

The hire of Google Ads and other third-party promotions in your app can ensure a steady flow of revenue.

An efficient way to build an app like Just Eat

  • Building an advanced food-delivery app is both time-consuming and expensive. To develop your white-labeled food delivery app solution using the readymade clone app.
  • JustEat clone script is 100% customizable and allows you to modify according to your business needs. Using a ready-to-launch clone app can help you release your on-demand food delivery app swiftly.
  • The scalability of the JustEat clone app is very high.
  • The cost of developing an on-demand food delivery app like JustEat will include a variety of factors like designs, platforms, features, technologies, functionalities, maintenance, and even the time to deliver the app.

In summary,

The food delivery industry is a consistent pathway with an increasing number of consumers each day. The fast-driven lifestyle creates a great demand for food delivered at the doorstep culture. It is high time to get into the food-delivery industry and soar high in your business. So hands down on developing the Just Eat Clone app that has the potential to leverage your business right away. TurnkeyTown offers the best White-labeled food delivery app solution infused with world-class features and functionalities.

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