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How To Find The Right White-label Taxi App Development Company? Things To Do Before Meeting A Taxi Booking App Builder.

Formerly people used to go in search of a taxi service agency to book their cab in prior. These days with the advent of on-demand apps, people are getting used to the on-the-go culture. From food to taxi, everything is now available with just a few clicks and swipes. In recent years, the rise of online taxi services is beyond comparison and is consistently rising each year. 

What is a white-label taxi app solution?

Uber is the pioneer of ride-hailing services. Therefore, many entrepreneurs are looking to develop an Uber-like app for their taxi business. In order to achieve so, deploying a white-label solution by rebranding and customizing the White-label Taxi App Development Company is the right choice. A reliable and leading app development company like TurnkeyTown can help you launch your tailor-made app in no time. 

The Uber taxi clone script has exact features and performs just like that of the parent app. It comes as a package with all the required services such as a user app, driver app, an admin panel as well as a booking web portal.

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There are huge benefits in developing a white-label Uber-like app which is as follows,

  • As it is a ready-made app, the time you spend on research can be saved. Therefore it allows you to deploy your app in a short period of time.
  • By using a white-label solution, you can build a tailor-made robust taxi app with all the key features at an affordable cost. This is the major reason why many entrepreneurs prefer to buy a ready-to-launch app.
  • A white-label app will increase brand visibility and grab the attention of a vast number of users.
  • You will experience an enormous return on investment with the development of a Uber clone app for your taxi business. It eliminates the dependency on third-party platforms to exhibit your service and pay commissions.

Before getting started with the development, make sure that the white-label taxi app development company offers vital features in its Uber clone app for taxi business. The key features of a ride-hailing app should perform the following functions that are discussed in the following passages,

Customer app:

  1. Allow your users to sign up to your app easily and quickly using multiple login methods such as using email id, phone number, and other social media credentials. 
  2. Upon successful signup, users can book a cab for themselves or for kith and kin by entering the destination.
  3. Users get an option to either book a cab instantly or schedule advance booking.
  4. The current location of the user gets automatically updated to the app. Therefore users don’t need to worry when stuck in a remote location.
  5. The cost calculator of the app estimates the approximate cost of the fare.
  6. To ensure the security of the passenger, the app has an SOS button which by clicking notifies their beloveds and their whereabouts.
  7. The app stores the information about each trip as a history for the users to know all about the trips traveled.
  8. Provide your users with an option of cashless payment method such as in-app wallet for a convenient and quick money transfer.
  9. Update your users with every activity occurring in the app with consistent push notifications.
  10. After completion of each trip, the users can share their reviews which will help you to rectify your mistakes.
Driver app:
  1. The drivers register to the app by providing the required details and documents. Upon which the admin panel verifies and approves the driver’s account.
  2. They can work as per their availability. Therefore they could indicate their availability by switching to online or offline mode.
  3. By switching to online mode, the drivers will get trip requests from the customers, which they can accept or reject.
  4. The app itself directs the drivers to the customer’s location through optimized routes.
  5. The ride history collects and stores information on the past rides of the driver using the app.
  6. To manage the finances, the app displays the information about the earnings of the drivers through their rides with the app.
  7. The drivers get a detailed invoice of the recent trip which allows them to know details like the cost of the trip, trip duration, etc.
  8. Just like that of the customer’s app, consistent notifications are sent to the drivers about any activity occurring in the app.
  9. To receive money directly from the customers through the app, the drivers can integrate their bank account into the application.
  10. Drivers can share their experiences about the trip as a detailed review.

Steps to follow before developing your Uber-like app for taxi business:

  • For initiating any business, doing complete market research is the first step. Do a survey with a set of people from various regions and know the needs in the market. Thus you can customize the app by adding additional features that fit the audience’s preferences.
  • You may have different ideas to exhibit through your app. But it is wise to have one clearly defined objective and build your app with less complexity. This allows the users to understand your app easily.
  • It is as important to know your competitors as knowing your audience. By finding the strategies followed by your competitors and the features they provide in their app, you can eliminate the missteps made by them and boost the quality of your app.
  • The documentation defines the value and purpose of your taxi booking app. This guides the development of the app as well as wins over sponsors to your app.
  • Then comes the development process. The readymade taxi app solutions are most preferred these days based on the benefits it offers. All the branding and customization chores are taken care of by the clone app development company. Therefore you can launch your app hassle-free.
To wrap it all up,

If you are already into ride-hailing services or thinking about stepping into it, developing an Uber clone app for taxi business is the right choice for you to flourish in your business. A white-label Uber clone script is already filled with all the key features necessary to run a successful taxi business. Further customization will help you surpass your competitors and make a fortune in no time.

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