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Our digital world has grown tremendously, let it be the beginning of the NFTs to Metaverse. Each day, people adapt to new ways and similarly seek a way to profit from it. On the other hand, cryptopreneurs have found ways to outshine ordinary people. Yes, I am talking about the extraordinary aspects garnered with the help of blockchain technology. It has played a vital role since the emergence of non-fungible tokens in the fundraising mechanisms. When we talk about the fundraising models, we cannot miss out on discussing the white-label BSCPad clone. Puzzled about the functionalities of it? Then brace yourself up to learn about it through this blog.

What Is Meant By Launchpads And How Does It Work?

Before we directly jump into the White-label BSCPad Clone, you need to have an understanding of the launchpads and their functionalities.

In general, launchpads are known to act as the fundraising platforms for crypto projects. The crypto launchpads have been pioneers in invading the investors for the crypto initiatives. The launchpads will host the crypto projects that are in need of funds and the investors can get into these platforms and invest their funds in the promising projects. Everyone always desires to rapidly seek investors for their crypto projects. Thereby, with the launchpads, they can launch the new crypto projects and efficiently raise funds for their projects. To be much more vivid, there are numerous crypto launchpads available and few commonly known are IDO launchpads [Initial DEX Offerings], IEO [Initial Exchange Offerings], ICO [Initial Coin Offerings], ILO [Initial Liquidity Offerings], and many more. Nowadays, these are the pioneers and essential in promoting crypto projects in the crypto space.

These crypto launchpads can work in two ways. Being individual investors, they are allowed to choose based on the highest initiatives. And on the other hand, there are direct entries for crowdfunding and also for crypto initiatives.

Illuminating About White-Label BSCPad Clone

Now you must have almost noticed various launchpads available in the current crypto space, but the one unblemished launchpad is “BSCPad.” The reason is that BSCPad is the first fundraising platform based on the Binance Smart Chain [BSC] network. To date, its functionalities are flourishing, and everyone is seeking ways to launch a similar launchpad. Suppose you doubt whether you can create a launchpad identical to the existing one. The answer would be an ultimate YES!

The ready-made solution is the most preferred way for entrepreneurs to venture into the crypto space. Through the white-label solution, you get to alter and adjust the source code based on your business requirements. You can now deploy the decentralized launchpads even apart from the Binance. Desired to explore more about this? Scroll further to examine its impact on the features required to have a seamless flow in the crypto space.

Pre-Eminent Features Of An IDO Launchpad Like BSCPad

The incorporation of the enticing features will pave the way to boost the functionalities of your fundraising platform in the competitive crypto space. In order to witness a successful platform, you can get through the features that are listed below for a better understanding.

Upcoming Project List

The crypto projects and the release of the new coins are listed under this upcoming project list section. In this way, the investors can efficiently browse into it and choose the desired project that they would like to invest in further. You can make the BSCPad clone more eligible and accessible for your users, subsequently helping you to gain user engagement.


When it comes to a fundraising platform, our blockchain agency will build it in such a way that will magnetize the investors to utilize your IDO platform in the near future. On the other hand, it will gain visibility to launch crypto projects.

Wallet Integration

Integrating digital wallets will make the flow of the trading of tokens quicker and in a secure way. Likewise, you can allow your crypto users to link to any digital wallet by integrating innumerable wallets options into your platform like BSCPad.

Fundraising Models

Apart from the IDO marketing platform like BSCPad, our team can also help you to incorporate other prominent fundraising models along with it. For example, you can include fundraising models like IEO and ICO depending on the client’s requirements.

Automated Liquidity Pool

The automated liquidity pool feature is integrated into the fundraising platform development process. In this way, it allows crypto investors to efficiently contribute to the liquidity pool. On the other hand, it also helps to generate yields more quickly.

Authenticity Verification

In this BSCPad like IDO platform will undergo a thorough scanning/ verification process before the crypto projects get listed. Therefore it will allow only trustworthy projects to be listed on your platform.

Multi-Tiered Staking Module

You can provide a diverse staking module for the investors and build up a fair ecosystem. Furthermore, it allows them to take part in the IDOs based on the investment they make.

And here are the enticing features that will boost up the functionality of your fundraising platform like BSCPad. We are almost one step below to come to the end part of the blog.

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  • Last but not least, entrepreneurs like you can avail these solutions at an unbeatable price and experience long-term support.

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To conclude, emerge with a fundraising platform Like BSCPad by partnering with the top-notch blockchain developers at TurnkeyTown. Hasten up soon to consult with our experts free of cost.

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