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Web3 adoption into the mainstream is taking place in full force. Various technologies have come out to provide users with the best possible user experience, and one such technological advancement in the crypto sector is Ethereum Name Service (ENS). ENS is a distributed, extensible, transparent naming service for cryptocurrency wallet addresses. Web3 is becoming increasingly popular with developers focusing on improving the user experience and customer experience. One of the protocols to solve the long wallet address problem for a more seamless Web3 user experience is ENS (Ethereum Name Service). 

What Is Ethereum Name Service?

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a naming protocol that allows easy-to-remember domain names for cryptocurrency wallet addresses. The protocol translates the alphanumeric domain address into human-readable domain names. This process shares many similarities with the DNS system we use on, Web2. In addition, it provides users with tools to help them create a strong online presence. For example, if you want to send cryptocurrency, you will have to share your wallet address, which is 42 characters long and consists of alphanumeric characters like “0xEC25EF3F5B8A586998338A2ADA83795FBA2D995E”. There is a huge possibility that your friend could make a typing error, and to overcome this major shortcoming, ENS allows you to create a human-readable name for your wallet address. If your name is Julie, instead of sharing a complex string of characters, you can get ENS for your wallet address and share Julie.eth, which will automatically connect your friend to your wallet address.


The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) uses the same concept as the Domain Name Service (DNS). DNS dates back to the early stages of internet development. It converted internet protocol addresses (IP) to human-readable names. Instead of typing the domain’s IP address, you can directly searchTurnkeyTown and be directed to the website at once. On the whole, the Ethereum Name Service is a decentralized, open, and extensible naming system that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It is intended to map human-readable names to machine-readable identifiers. Unlike DNS, ENS is

  • Decentralized
  • Immutable
  • Censorship-resistant
  • User-owned/controlled

What Is the Need For ENS?

Dealing with random numbers and long strings of characters is often a source of error. Just as DNS has improved the internet by converting the IP addresses and presenting them in a human-readable and user-friendly way, Ethereum has introduced the Ethereum Name Service. This naming protocol allows easy-to-remember domain names for crypto wallet addresses. It is the first step to improving the overall user experience. 

But at the same time, domain names and DNS records are typically stored on centralized servers, making them vulnerable to hacking. On the other hand, ENS is more diverse and secure as it is a smart contract integrated on the Ethereum blockchain. 

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How Do Ethereum Name Services Work?

The Ethereum Name Services are built on two Ethereum smart contracts- Registry and Resolver as discussed below.


The registry consists of smart contracts designed to maintain a list of all domains and subdomains while storing three critical pieces of information about each. These pieces are of the domain owner, domain resolver, and cache time-to-live (TTL) for all records under the domain. The purpose of ENS registration is to assign a name to the resolver responsible for it. In the meantime, domain owners of ENS registries are allowed to change subdomain ownership, transfer the domain ownership to another address, and set domain resolver and time to live (TTL).


Resolvers, on the other hand, are responsible for translating names into addresses. Any contract implementing the required standards can become a resolver for the Ethereum name service. However, name resolver in ENS is a two-step process. The first is to query the registry for the resolver responsible for the mentioned name. The second is asking that particular resolver to answer the query. 

Benefits Of Obtaining ENS-like Domain Naming Services:

There are many advantages to using ENS for your decentralized applications:

  • Users can purchase and own the domain name rather than rent it
  • Users can manage their domain name without a need for a third party.
  • Users can sell this domain on secondary marketplaces and reap huge profits. 

Various Use Cases Of ENS:

ENS can be integrated with wallets, websites, and user identities. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Wallets, Websites, User IDs

ENS has been integrated into hundreds of decentralized applications (dApps) that form the foundation of Web3. A user can trade and store all wallet addresses under one ENS name. That may not sound all that exciting. However, creators have many opportunities to own a brand’s username fully as it provides consistent usernames across all platforms 

A wallet bound to your ENS domain name can store avatars, emails, websites, social media, and more. This personalized user profile will act as your identity on the blockchain as you navigate the Web3 environment. A user essentially has Web3 ID, which can be used to sign up for specific dApps, wallets, and websites, with full username rights and ownership. Unlike today’s internet ecosystem, major technology platforms may allow apps to be used for free, but the content and usernames are ultimately owned by the platform sharing the content. There are many advantages to using NFT-based domain names. They give you the opportunity to:

  • Clear Domain Names
  • Reduction of errors
  • Easy account search 
  • Sell as NFTs


TurnkeyTown is a pioneer in the crypto sector, providing NFT marketplace solutions, and crypto exchange development solutions with ENS-like web3 domain naming services to all your decentralized applications. Increase your platform credibility, gain traffic and make ENS a branding tool for your web3 application. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.

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