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Create A Spark In The Social Media Industry Through OnlyFans Clone

The Covid pandemic has thrown a sudden uncertainty at the entertainment industry, making it increasingly difficult for celebrities to earn their living. But, the modernization and the insurgence of social media apps opened up a number of opportunities for celebrities as well as businesses to make profits. Adult Fanclub Subscription app is one such social media platform that bridges the gap between celebrities and fans, being the hottest trend right now. In this blog, we shall see the evidence of the unprecedented rise of Adult Fanclub and how to establish a successful venture through the OnlyFans clone app development.

What Is An Adult Subscription App, And How Does It Work?

It serves as a social media platform where A-list celebrities and influencers can sell their content for a price. Moreover, the app does not impose any censor restrictions on the users’ content, giving them the full freedom to exhibit their creativity.

The service allows the fans to have unlimited fun by buying the content of their favorite artists on a subscription basis. So, basically, how it works for the users is given below.

  • Getting Onboard: Users can create a profile for themselves on the OnlyFans app via their social media accounts.
  • The Feed: After signing in, the users can browse through and view the content shared by the creators or close friends they follow.
  • Notification Panel: Users of the app receive notifications when they receive messages, likes for a post, new subscribers, etc.
  • Menu Bar: It can feature user and creator profile details such as their bio, number of fan followers, posts, pricing for the content, and more.
  • Chat Session: It enhances the interaction between the user and creator by directly contacting each other through chat options.
  • Produce Content: Through this, the users can share their content seamlessly from their profiles.              

What Is The Market Status Of The OnlyFans Clone App In 2021?

  • According to CEO Tim Stokely, the OnlyFans site has 120 million registered users, and the site is seeing 500,000 new users every day.
  • The platform has more than 1 million content creators making as much as $200M a month.
  • According to the financial times, OnlyFans made a 2.36 billion revenue in November 2020. 80% of the earnings of the content go to the creator, and the remaining 20% flows into the app owner’s pocket.

How Leveraging Adult Fanclub App Development Can Be A Lucrative Business Idea?

The reach of the adult subscription app is so much that investing in developing a Fanclub website like OnlyFans could turn you into the biggest sensation overnight. Capitalizing on the clone app reduces the risk of bugs and glitches in the performance.

The Adult Fanclub app clone retains all the essential features and functionalities of the original app. However, to withstand the tight competition and claim yourself as the top player, you need to impart unique offerings in your app.

Ideas To Make Your App Look Creative And Innovative In The Market

Incorporating the following features in your app can help you captivate the attention of the audience to use your app.

  • Creator’s verification: The signup process for the creator can involve a detailed process with ID verification to filter genuine artists and enlist them in the app.
  • Mesmerizing profiles: Creators’ profiles can have a number of different features to post pictures, videos, exclusive content, stories, individual posts insights. It would make their profile look attractive, thereby helps in increasing the number of fan followers.
  • Creator’s menu: This feature gives users access to edit or view subscription settings, wallet control, post count, follower count, etc.
  • Subscription settings: It provides complete freedom for creators to set monthly subscription prices for their content. They can even change the pricing of the plans based on the performance of their content.
  • Intuitive dashboard: The dashboard feature gives the creator a detailed analysis of their posts, sales, earnings, activity, etc.
  • Easy signup process: Simplifying the signup process encourages artists from any background to enlist themselves in the app, post their content and earn benefits.

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What Are The Money-Making Ideas With The Adult Fanclub Subscription App?

OnlyFans clone provides several ways to generate high profits in a short period. Provided you follow different possible monetization options. Below are some of the ways of utilizing the OnlyFans clone to make the best out of it.

  • Subscription fee: It serves as one of the stable forms of revenue. For every purchase of the subscription plan by the fans, the owner gets a calculated amount as a commission from the creators. The subscription charges can be pre-decided by the creator based on the market trend and platform popularity.
  • Premium messaging: Fans who wish to have a personal interaction with their favorite artists can pay for and chat. The premium messaging options serve as an income source as well as strengthens the bonding between the fan and creators.
  • Referral program: The existing users of the app can refer the OnlyFans clone app to their friends and family via a link. It gives opportunities for the users to make money.
  • Live streaming: Creators can improve their visibility and communicate with other followers through live broadcasts. Fans can tip their favorite artists; also, it favors creators to gain more followers.
  • Exclusive posts: Fans can access the specific content posted by the creator by paying a separate fee. The app earns a certain amount of money from every purchase of the price-locked posts.
  • Extra tips: Fans overwhelmed by the creator’s content can tip the creators for specific posts, or stories, or profiles. This earns revenue for the creators and encourages them to go further.

Cost Of App Development

There are plenty of factors that determine the cost of developing an Adult Fanclub subscription app. To name a few,

  • Type of platform (Android/iOS),
  • Complexity of the app design,
  • Feature requirements,
  • Time and efforts of the developer and so on.

Tips: If you want to commence your business with less investment, go for an MVP model. After launching the app, based on the feedback you receive from the customers, you can improvise on the app settings in future updates.

Wrapping Up,

By now, you would have a basic idea of the OnlyFans clone app development. If you’re interested in launching a subscription app and stand successful in the market, our team is here to provide you with the best assistance. We feel glad to help you!

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