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Start A Crypto Exchange like Coinbase With Coinbase Clone App Development

Though there have been small surges in the crypto market, people’s interest remains high. In recent years, crypto trading has gained more traction among individuals. The world’s crypto market is valued at $7.18 billion in 2022 and is predicted to reach $163.83 billion by 2029, with a CAGR of 56.3% from 2022 to 2029. Wouldn’t you want to utilize this opportunity in favor of your business and make a fortune out of it? Let our blockchain experts do all the work for you. We have an impeccable and fully-functional Coinbase clone app development solution that could be extensively customized to your needs. 

Coinbase clone app development: The Quickest Solution To Join The Cryptoverse

The increase in number of cryptocurrencies is rising day by day. Therefore creating the need for crypto exchange platforms too. Since people are very keen on investing in cryptos, providing them with a platform for smooth and seamless trading of cryptocurrency is necessary. Turn this opportunity into a business by launching a crypto exchange platform like Coinbase. Coinbase is a popular exchange platform launched in 2012 for trading cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, etc. It is a peer-to-admin crypto exchange platform with over 100 million users and the most preferred platform for crypto exchange because of its user-friendliness. 

Why Choose The White-Label Coinbase Clone Solution?

When developing a platform, it is always confusing to choose whether to use the white-label solution or develop a platform from scratch. Let’s see the benefits of opting for a white-label solution. A white-label solution is a pre-built application that can be tailored to your needs. It can be developed and put to use in a very short time with fewer efforts and can work efficiently without any lags because it is multi-tested. However, some are opting to develop the crypto exchange platform from scratch. Many prefer the white-label crypto exchange solution as it can be deployed easily at a budget-friendly cost. The market is highly competitive, and we at TurnkeyTown provide you with a robust, white-label Coinbase Clone solution at the best market price. 

Alluring Features Of Our Coinbase Clone App development:

Coinbase Clone remains the first choice among the other crypto exchange platforms because of its alluring features. Let us briefly see the features of the Coinbase clone:

  • Responsive UI:

The main reason for Coinbase’s success is its user-friendly interface. Our Coinbase Clone has a very simple UI and is designed in such a way that it is easy to use for all users, be they experienced or newcomers. Therefore offering the platform users a bug-free, glitch-free, easily understandable, and quickly responsive user interface. 

  • In-App Chat Facility: 

Our Coinbase clone comes with an in-app chat feature to enable users to immediately reach the customer’s support and solve their queries and experience smooth trading.

  • Two-Factor Authentication: 

Two-Factor Authentication is an additional layer of security that requires users to provide additional information apart from their usernames and passwords for a second level of protection. This security feature prevents wallets from being hacked. 

  • Instant Buy/Sell:

This feature allows users to simultaneously buy and sell without any lags providing a seamless trading experience. 

  • Multi-Language Support:

This feature allows users from any part of the world to trade using your platform with multilingual frameworks.

  • Community Channels For Traders:

In-app chat feature for both buyers and sellers to interact and come on terms form communities which help in retaining customers to the platform.

  • Transaction Records:

This enables users to view all their previous transactions done on the platform. The users can access all the details of the transaction with a simple detailed view option. 

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  • Live Markets/Real-Time Price Tracker:

This feature allows users to stay updated on the live market price of the cryptocurrency and can trade accordingly. 

  • Push Notifications:

Users can stay up-to-date on the transactions taking place, the status of their transactions, etc., with these notifications.

  • Multi Coin Support:

This feature lets users trade using different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum,  Cardano, and other altcoins. Therefore, widening the scope of the platform.

  • Fiat Support:

Users can purchase cryptocurrency using fiat currencies like Euro, USD, YEN, etc., therefore making transactions more effective and reliable. 

  • Smart Contract Integrated:

The smart contract lets transactions take place automatically without a third party, therefore, enabling quicker crypto transactions. 

Don’t these features fulfill your expectation for your crypto exchange? Does it not meet your requirements? You need not be concerned as we provide you with 100% customizable solutions. You can add multiple additional features as per your requirement, and we can exactly offer you a Coinbase Clone, a cryptocurrency exchange platform as you have envisioned. 

How Can You Make Your Coinbase Clone App Development Profitable?

There are many ways to monetize your crypto exchange platform and generate high revenue from it. Let us see a few common ways through which you can generate revenue from a Coinbase Clone:

  • Listing Fee: You can charge a fee for listing the crypto coins in listing platforms for an ICO, IEO, etc.
  • Transaction Fee: A fee will be charged for every transaction done on the platform.
  • Trading Fee: This fee is commonly charged on all the crypto exchanges for each trade done on the platform. It is like a service fee for using the platform.
  • Withdrawal Fee: This fee is collected when a digital currency is withdrawn from the wallet. 

All these fees can be paid with fiat currencies. Additionally, you can collect fees for marketing the user’s cryptocurrency on your platform and similar other fees. 


During the early times of the cryptocurrency realm, people doubted its potential and hesitated to invest in them. But in the present world, the market value of cryptocurrency is rising in an unprecedented way. This would be the best time for you to venture into the crypto market and launch a crypto exchange platform. We at TurnkeyTown provide you with an easy-to-customize Coinbase clone that is multi-tested, user-friendly, and bug-free. Contact us today to begin your Coinbase clone app development and bring your vision to reality.

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