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Boost Your NFT and Crypto Business Visibility through Discord Server Marketing

According to businesses, 85% of the leads generated from online communities are more valid and converting than leads generated through other marketing channels. A report shows that almost 80% of internet users are a part of the online community. Discord is a growing platform. It started as a meeting spot for gamers and now attracts people from different consumer groups. If you’re looking to enter new markets to grow your brand, Discord is worth considering.

Brands have not found a better tool than Discord for creating a dedicated base of crypto and NFT enthusiasts and targeted buyers for building brand loyalty and credibility. Many brands are not yet aware of Discord and its potential use in marketing the business and fueling brand growth. Successful Discord server promotion helps in building engaged communities and fuel brand loyalty. 

Wondering where to start? In this blog, We have discussed the top Discord server marketing strategies we use to rapidly build a Discord community for NFT and crypto-based projects. 

In order to stand out among the competitors, the marketing strategies must be unique and apt for your business niche. TurnkeyTown’s innovative marketing strategies will help you build a targeted community and help you grow your business. 

What is Discord?

Discord is a global social networking platform widely used for social communication, online marketing, and community building. Discord is a VoIP platform that allows users to communicate via voice calls, video calls, text, and media files. Users can join various servers via a server invite or Discord explorer and interact with the server members.  Marketing on Discord needs to be steady and strategic. Discord also has bots that are automated and come in handy to keep your community engaged and help you grow your community.

Discord is the easiest way for brands to reach thousands of targeted buyers, by creating exclusive content about their business and sharing it on online communities. With Discord, brands can build and increase reputation and credibility and provide a great brand experience to your community by posting engaging content.

Where Can Our Discord Marketing Services be deployed?

  • Discord Marketing For NFT Collectibles
  • Discord Marketing For NFT games
  • Discord Marketing For NFT Marketplace
  • Discord Marketing For Defi projects
  • Discord Marketing For ICO projects
  • Discord Marketing For STOs
  • Discord Marketing For IDO Launchpad
  • Discord Marketing For IGO Launchpad
  • Discord Marketing For Cryptocurrency Exchange 
  • Discord Marketing For Metaverse Games
  • Discord Marketing For Stablecoin
  • Discord Marketing For Cryptocurrency, etc.

Discord Marketing Services: A Way to Elevate Your Business In The Web 3 Space!

What makes Discord perfect for marketing NFT and crypto-related projects?

Discord has recently become a popular medium among NFT and cryptocurrency enthusiasts with its special features and cross-platform support. It is an ideal place to start your marketing efforts if you want to attract potential customers to NFTs or cryptocurrency projects. 

Discord is now home to quite a few cryptocurrencies and NFT fans, making it easier than ever to sell cryptocurrencies and promote special NFTs. In addition, the bot on your server can handle simple inquiries from current and potential customers, saving you a lot of time. Any version of the app has all the features you need to launch a marketing campaign for your NFT business.

Steps To Effectively Build And Manage A Discord Server

Create an Exclusive Server For Your Brand

The first step in discord marketing services is to create a server for your brand. Creating a Discord server from scratch requires knowledge and experience. TurnkeyTown’s Discord server developing team will help you with creating a new server or using existing resources. Once the severe is ready, you can start posting relevant content and develop channels based on your requirements. 

Know Your target audience

Before starting Discord server marketing, it is important to understand your target audience. Knowing the target audience allows you to create relevant messages that resonate well with the crowd. To make the most out of Discord marketing, you have to be aware of your business offerings and business goals. 

Collaborate with other communities

To get a quick and better reach of your server, joining other discord communities works the best. It will help you reach audiences of other communities of relevant interest. You can collaborate with them by sharing links and posting content about your project and upcoming events. While posting content on other discord servers, it is important to make sure that the community understands the value and potential of your crypto business. 

Offer Special Giveaways And Discounts: 

People get excited about discounts and giveaways. It is one of the best ways to keep your community engaged. Hosting regular giveaways and posting updates on flash sales and discounts on your products and services is an added benefit. This marketing strategy will help increase the number of community members, thereby expanding your business reach. 

Make The best use of the community data

Collect valuable information about your community members. Discord has various tools to track the activity of community members and evaluate their engagement levels on the platform. Data like retention numbers, crowd geography, media engagement, and engagement with other communities can also be obtained. 

Quickly Respond To Any Queries:

Your community members are likely to ask questions related to your crypto business. So, you should directly and promptly address all their questions. Make sure that your responses offer solutions to the issues that the customers are facing.  

What Our Passionate Discord Marketers Can Offer Web3 Companies?

  • Discord Server Creation 
  • Exclusive Server Design
  • Locate prospective clients
  • Create Content
  • Run competitions and events
  • Host Giveaways
  • Performance Monitoring and Evaluation

To maximize outcomes in your Discord server marketing, you need to inject some creativity into your campaigns. Discord is a growing platform. It started as a meeting spot for gamers and now attracts people from different consumer groups. If you’re looking to enter new markets to grow your brand, Discord is worth considering.TurnkeyTown’s Discord server marketing services include user engagement with relevant content, AMA sessions, the creation of contests, campaigns, and so on.  This platform is great for NFT and crypto marketing, but not limited to it.  Businesses that have integrated Discord into their marketing strategies are proving that the platform has huge growth potential. If you haven’t already, now is the time to create a customized Discord marketing plan with us. Contact us today to learn more about our Discord Marketing Services.

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