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Be The Trendsetter In The Video Streaming Platform With Netflix Clone App

Hey you! Entertainment platforms have become the most-sought after mediums in contemporary times. People can watch their favorite movies and shows at any place and at any time. With the advent of OTT platforms the purpose of conventional theatres are slowly blurring. Yes, the proof is here! When the lockdown restrictions came into action, theatres and other entertainment centres were closed having no signs of reopening anytime soon.

It was the OTT platforms that came as a reliever for movie buffs as they can continue watching the movies at their homes. The OTT platforms like Netflix, are providing tough competition to local OTTs by releasing blockbuster movies and shows frequently.

How apps like Netflix have broken the chain in the entertainment industry?

Years ago, people glued to televisions and radios to entertain themselves. Apart from televisions people were crazy about watching movies in theatres. Agreeing to the fact that nothing can match the theatre experience where we get to watch movies on a big screen. The crowd, the whistles and the endless claps are pure enjoyment. But from a different perspective, the on-demand streamings apps have suffused greater convenience to users in many ways.

While in theaters you have to be on time. Just a delay of 5 mins will disappoint as you may miss out the introductory part of the movie. Whereas with the video streaming apps, one can watch movies according to their convenient timings and can repeat favorite scenes any number of times.

Flexible subscription plans

The video streaming apps like Netflix and other telecast movies to users on paid subscription plans. There are monthly and annual subscription plans so that users can choose their plan according to their affordability. While one can watch unlimited movies at fare cost who doesn’t flail no to these video streaming apps? Ergo! People are keen to watch movies on apps rather than visiting theatres as the former appeals to their convenience.

Stats that validates the growth of online video streaming apps like Netflix

  • As per the Statista website, on-demand video streaming apps contribute 60984 million U.S. dollars and may reach 95976 million U.S. dollars by 2025.
  • Popular and most widely used apps are Netflix, Amazon prime, Hulu, YouTube, etc., out of which Netflix holds the apex position.
  • As of the year 2020, Netflix managed to gain 75 million active users worldwide and is the most used video streaming app in the U.S.
  • Analyzing the U.K market, video streaming apps chip in 3 billion Euros in 2020.
  • Netflix holds the second position in the list of most used video streaming apps in the U.K. region.

All these points add strong proof to the growth of on-demand streaming apps. So you can definitely consider launching an app like Netflix and storm the video streaming app industry. Ready? Here you have got our Netflix clone app solution that is flexible to accept customizations. In the upcoming sections you will get to know the features, revenue model, and benefits of our Netflix clone app solution.

Broad range of features vested in the Netflix clone app

One-tap registration-

As users rush towards your app to watch their favorite shows and movies why annoy them with the registration process? Let users log in to your app with their social media credentials.

Search bar-

Users can shortlist their favorites by directly typing the name of the shows or movies in the search bar. Simple and quick!

Customize watchlist-

The app lets users create and customize their watchlist according to their preferences. Some users may prefer watching the same movies repeatedly. For those, the watchlist feature comes as a convenient option.


Group videos, movies and shows of similar genres under categories. Users can choose the desired category and jump to watch the movies.

Recommended content-

The app’s AI will record the users’ movie preferences and will recommend similar content to users the next time they use the app. This is one wise idea of captivating users’ interests.


The app takes the location of users as input and recommends region based movies.

Download videos-

The peak advantage of this platform is that users can download video/movies and watch them offline. The number of downloads will depend on the subscription plan users have opted for.

Push notifications-

Keep users engaged to your platform by constantly sending app-related notifications. Alert users while a new show or movie is uploaded, intimate about the trending movies, etc.,


Users can share their views about the movies and let other users know about the same.

Features of the Admin panel

Upload bulk videos-

As an admin you can upload bulk videos as the app doesn’t limit the number of uploads.

Schedule upload-

Want to make your uploading process more efficient? Here is the app’s scheduling feature. You can schedule the time and date in which you want a particular content to be uploaded in the app.

Customize thumbnail-

Only attractive thumbnails will arrest users’ to click and watch the video. Customize the thumbnail content so that users will pay heed to the videos.


Displaying subtitles are crucial because users would love to watch videos of different languages. You can decide to activate or deactivate subtitles.


Get to know the user engagement rate with the app’s analytics. With the analytics you can know users’ preferences and target them accordingly.

Revenue model of Netflix like app

  • Subscription plans
  • Freemium model
  • In-app advertising
  • Promotional content


We are almost one step away from wrapping up the blog. I believe that you will find this content on the on-demand video streaming platform useful and interesting. Get your Netflix clone app from TurnkeyTown at an unbeatable price. See you there!

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