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A Beginner’s Guide To Develop De-Fi Gaming platform With Battle Pets Clone

The blockchain, with its ability to provide banking and other financial services without third-party interference, has opened up a slew of new possibilities. Game development is the new trend in the blockchain field. NFT games similar to Battle Pets are the most wanted in the gaming community as it provides a passive income through playing.

Are you an ambitious entrepreneur looking forward to a massive debut in the blockchain and De-fi sphere? Here is a platform that is a combination of all trending techs like blockchain, De-Fi, NFTs, and Cryptocurrencies. Take a quick read-through and get into NFT game development.

BattlePets- The NFT war in BSC

BattlePets is the first-ever finance and gaming platform. It is a game where players can incubate eggs, grow their pets, prepare them for war and send them to battle with other pets in the Binance Smart Chain.

Players or the pet trainers have to take care of their pets, train them and send them to battles where they can win rewards in the form of rare items and pet eggs. The native token of the game is PET tokens. These tokens can be used to buy pet eggs, grow them and train them on the platform.

The players can play with their cute pets by taking them to

  • Train
  • Battlefield
  • Challenge
  • Shop
  • AMM exchange
  • NFT Market
  • Budokai
  • Group Battles

Play and earn rewards in Battle Pets

The working of Battle pets is simple and easy and anyone can enjoy playing it. It doesn’t need any gaming skills or any knowledge of crypto. Just basic understanding will do and it is suitable for beginners. To play in Battle Pets, the players have to follow the given steps

  • The game was launched in the Bakeryswap launchpad, so the players can use the Bakerswap decentralized NFT marketplace to buy the eggs.
  • The BAKE BEP-20 token which is the native token of Bakeryswap can be used to purchase the eggs of Bunnies, Kittens, and Puppies.
  • The players can also use BakerySwap to trade Pet Eggs. Binance Chain Wallet, MetaMask, and WalletConnect are wallets compatible with Battle Pets. Each Pet Egg contains a different image and a different number with a hashtag.
  • Similarly, they can purchase a variety of Pet Eggs with respect to costs and battle abilities.
  • Hatching Pet Eggs, weapon forging, weapon NFT trade, and weapon token farming were all functions a player can involve in the Battle Pets gaming platform.

The reference price of a pet egg is equal to its battle power. There are only a few hundred pet eggs available on the market, but the players can obtain new eggs in a few different ways by playing in the game. It includes purchasing with a $PET native token. The key benefits of training a pet in the game are to make them more valuable, and then sell them to the market, thus bringing passive income to the player.

The popularity of Decentralized Finance has brought a huge user base in the last two years. The user base is bringing a lot of new users to the field. Battle Pets clone will be a perfect platform to attract this new user base.

Battle Pets Clone Development

BattlePets clone is a white-label solution developed, tested, and also open to customization. New features and innovations can be added to the game along with the existing features. Customization is also open to the UI and other graphics of the game.
At Turnkey Town, our developers can build a Battle Pets clone on any blockchain you desire. You can hit the market as soon as possible and the time taken to complete the customization depends on its complexity.

Before getting into the development process you should get ready with your ideation as the first step.

Features of our Battle Pet clone

Now, you should know what are the features that should be included in the platform. Innovations can be inserted into these features. At the same time, existing features can be updated in our Battle Pet clone.

1. Egg Incubation

Players can hatch the eggs easily on the platform with just a few clicks. The eggs will have 3 powers. They are

Combat Power: The more battle power, the more likely the player will win in the battle

Fight Power: For every 100 experience points obtained, the battle power grows by one.

Stamina: Represents HP strength, with a maximum of 100.

2. Setting up and dismantling equipment

The player’s fighting pet will be granted weapons and other equipment. While pets are wearing weapons and equipment, their battle power improves drastically. It can be installed as well as uninstalled. There are four different types of equipment that can be supplied with four different inventory spaces, they are Weapon, Shield, Helmet, and Armor.

3. Purchasing Pets

The players can buy the pets by using either PET tokens or BAKE tokens. The power of the pet depends on the price. In the case of BAKE tokens, the power depends on the real-time value of the token

4. Feeding Pets

Feeding the pets will consume the PET while it increases the Battle power during the battle.

5. Abandoning Pets

When a player abandons the pet, 90% of the BAKE token or PET token price will be refunded.

Why choose us?

Our developers in Turnkey Town with years of experience in this field can help you in unique NFT game development. We offer

  • Multi-chain development
  • Complete customization
  • Native Token development
  • Secured environment
  • Cross-chain ecosystem
  • Post-development support
  • 24/7 technical support

Key takeaway

NFT gaming platforms are gaining a lot of traction now and it is this will be the apt time to launch an NFT game like BattlePets. Being an early adopter of the tech is a wise decision to make.


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