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Launch An Astounding NFT Marketplace Like Foundation With Our Blockchain Firm

Who would not love to step onboard into a flourishing marketplace like NFT? The prominent development of the digital collectible platforms has created a curiosity for entrepreneurs to venture into the crypto space. In order to fulfill the entrepreneur’s dreams, our renowned blockchain development firm offers ready-to-launch NFT marketplace like Foundation. If you are new to this arena, check out this blog right away!

Is Launching An NFT Marketplace Like Foundation Beneficiary?

The NFTs have gained a massive audience’s attention in recent times, and without further doubt, the growth of the crypto industry is tremendous. There are numerous profitable NFT platforms such as Opensea, Rarible, Foundation, Cryptopunks, and the list goes on. Thereby, this has provoked the entrepreneurs to create an NFT marketplace like Foundation instantly.

As per a week, the average NFT sales range between $10million to $20million.

The year 2021 is filled with the term non-fungible tokens and every day the buyers and entrepreneurs are emerging into the crypto space rapidly.

The market cap of the NFTs had a tenfold increase in their business, and thus, the impact of the digital collectible market is tremendous.

We integrate with Ethereum based standards such as ERC-721 and ERC-1155, which helps to prevent the fabrication of the non-fungible tokens and also offer translucent, secured transactions of the rare collectibles.

Now, let us look into the features to boost up your NFT platform and also to gain a larger audience.

Avant-Garde Features To Levitate You Foundation Clone

Minting –

We, as a dedicated team, integrate your NFT platform with a minting feature based on the Ethereum blockchain standard method. This helps the artists to tokenize their digital assets more efficiently and securely.

Alluring Storefront –

The main page of your platform is the first thing that grabs the attention of the users. In order to attract them instantly, you can develop an alluring platform with distinguished digital assets with all the required details.

Creator Profile –

This feature is exclusively for the creators to enable their details to be displayed on your platform. For instance, the name of the creator, social media links, profile pictures, and many more.

Decentralized Storage –

The decentralized storage is one of the key features of the NFT platform. We also provide you with the best secured and translucent transformations of cryptocurrencies.

Advanced Search Filter Assets –

There would be vast digital assets available on your NFT platform, and it is quite hard for the customers to find them. But, with the advanced search filter option, the investors will be navigated to the desired non-fungible tokens quickly.

Live Auctions –

This is yet another main feature when it comes to digital collectible platforms. The creators will set the time limit for the live location, and once it has begun, the investors can start bidding on the rare assets. Whoever has the highest bid at the end of the live auction will own the non-fungible tokens, and it will be transformed into their account instantly.

Advanced Asset Categorization –

Like mentioned earlier, there are numerous non-fungible tokens available in the NFT market. Furthermore, with the advanced asset categorization, each collectible is differentiated based on the area of the field.

Performance Tracking –

You can keep track of your user’s performance at your fingertips through this feature.

Therefore, considering these features would pave the way for the growth of your NFT platform like Foundation.

Seamless Workflow Of Our White Label NFT Auction Marketplace

Once you have integrated your white-label NFT auction marketplace with the required features and latest technologies. It will offer crypto users to experience the seamless flow of your NFT platform. Now let us look into the detailed workflow for each panel.

For Creators

Quick Registration In The Marketplace – In order to tokenize their digital assets quicker, the creators will efficiently register into your NFT marketplace using any of their social media accounts.

Wallet Integration – Secondly, the creators will link to an inbuilt Ethereum wallet like metamask to start minting their non-fungible tokens.

Bid NFTs – The creator will fix the starting auction price for the particular crypto collectible and update it on your NFT platform.

Highest Bid – As soon as the artists fix the price, the live auction begins, and at the end of a live auction, whoever has the highest bid will own the digital collectible.

For Investors

Creator Accounts – The crypto users or investors can efficiently sign up into your platform and start-up buying the non-fungible tokens once they have linked to their wallet integration.

Explore Marketplace – After they have signed up, they can browse the numerous digital collectibles that have been enlisted by the creators.

Buy NFTs – With the cryptocurrency, the investors can buy the non-fungible tokens, and in order to own an NFTs, they need to take part in the live auction and stand a chance to win them.

Secondary Sale – If an investor owns an NFT, they can sell it on other platforms and also on other social media platforms.

To experience a seamless flow for the users, you must bestow with advanced features and latte technologies. Last but not least, entrepreneurs can check out our solutions. We will offer exclusively for the budding entrepreneurs who wish to dwell in the prominent NFT marketplace.

Why Should You Prefer Our Blockchain Development Firm?

  • We offer the entrepreneurs a super-fast solution of Foundation clone. It helps you venture into the astounding Crypto world without further delay.
  • The highly innovative blend of features will provide a top-notch user experience.
  • Our dedicated blockchain developers provide you with API integration and third-party plugins for the seamless performance of your NFT platform.
  • There is also an end-to-end solution with 100% customization.
  • We offer you with constant technical support even after launching your digital collectible platform in the crypto marketplace.

Moreover, as a blockchain development firm, we provide you with the finest cutting-edge to levitate your online crypto business.

Winding Up

To conclude, it is the right time to step ahead into the leading crypto space and witness instant growth. Turnkeytown is a renowned blockchain development company that provides budding entrepreneurs to launch an NFT marketplace like Foundation at an affordable price. Hurry up soon to grab your free consultation now!

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