Amazon Clone App Development

E-commerce market's success has put several players in the top spot. As an upcoming entrepreneur, the idea of starting a multi-vendor online shopping platform seems like a practical option. Join hands with a multitude of vendors and showcase their products on your versatile platform. We help develop your Amazon clone with cutting-edge features and extensive customizations for both mobile (iOS & Android) and web platform. Commence your e-commerce business with the ready-made, feature-rich Amazon-like E-commerce website, and app that seamlessly runs and caters to the needs of your customers.

Key Benefits
of eCommerce Mobile App Development

The e-commerce mobile app offers numerous benefits that are instrumental for both the user and the company.

Uplift Sales Numbers

Remind your customers about your app and offerings with push notifications and boost your sales. This may include any new updates or offers to build a strong rapport with your customers.

24x7 Visibility

The reach for mobile apps among customers is growing every day and transparency along with a user-friendly interface will help you to reach a larger audience and increase sales.

Increased Customer Base

The more you engage with the users, the more your base will grow. Your e-commerce app will provide a perfect platform for attracting customers thereby creating a brand for yourself.

Rich Features

Your Amazon clone app will be integrated with the GPS tracking system, chatbot, and other smart features that will enhance the customer experience in the app.

Choose Us?

Our Amazon clone app is100% customizable and allows you to modify it to suit your business needs. The Amazon clone script creates a shared environment for both sellers and customers to buy products through the platform. There is a score of benefits of developing your Amazon clone script with us.

User-friendly interface


No need for prior technical knowledge

Regular updates
and upgrades

Services Include

Sign up & Log in

User-friendly interface with easy access features that lets users sign up or log in within seconds.

New arrivals

Lets customers get updated, or ahold of the latest products and place orders quickly with the app.


Customers can save items and share their wish lists with friends & family. Experience the joy of gifting.

Search Module

Top-of-the-line search module integrated into the app for faster and more accurate results.

Profile Settings

Update your preferences and profile settings for a streamlined shopping experience on the app.


A plethora of advanced features that will be integrated into the Amazon clone app

We Offer

Mobile App

Our Amazon clone app is designed as a whitelabeled iOS and Android app for customers and vendors, promising a glitch-free experience.

Web App

A feature-rich website for the users and vendors to log in, pay, sell, give feedback and view order history.

Admin Dashboard

A powerful dashboard to oversee product submissions, vendor management or payment methods with ease.

100% Customizable

The Amazon clone script is completely customizable with encrypted code and documentation designed to suit your business needs.

Amazon Clone
app development from Scratch

We lend upcoming entrepreneurs a hand in building a multi-vendor e-commerce website from scratch as per their specifications. With us you get;

UI/UX Design

Optimized and
Efficient Code



The process
to follow while developing an E-commerce App

Requirements Study

Analyzing the client’s requirements are of paramount importance. This provides a clearer idea of the business and your needs while developing the perfect e-commerce app for your venture.


The e-commerce app will be run through multiple tests to discern the performance and functionalities of the app. Any bugs or malfunctions will be removed instantly to ascertain the reliability of the app.

Framework Design

Sum up the requirements and draft it for our panel of experts to give it a review before presenting it to development.

Development and UI Design

Our seasoned developers and UI designers give structure to the app and make it run seamlessly on both Android and iOS platforms.


After undergoing a series of tests, the app will be approved by the clients and launched across different app stores.


Once the requirements of the App Store is met along with its quality standards, the app will be published live for the customers.


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

No, there is no limit to uploading of the products on your Amazon clone app. You can add as many categories as you wish.

Yes, we do provide post development support for a stipulated time period as per the guidelines mentioned in the agreement.

The Amazon clone script can be developed for both mobile (Android and iOS) and web platforms according to your specifications.

Our Amazon clone app is equipped to support multiple languages and can be changed to any language as per your needs.

You can chat with us, and talk to our support team or you could send us a mail at

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