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Pizza delivery app:Everything you need to know to launch a pizza delivery app

Pizza that emerged first from the Naples city of Italy has become a famous global dish now. With big players like Dominos, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s in the market, it has become a mainstream meal these days.

Why will the demand for Pizza increase rapidly in the future?

  1. The presence of online food ordering apps like Swiggy and Zomato.
  2. Usage of popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  3. The pace of urbanization through the development of cities and towns.
  4. Increasing preference for gluten-free pizza by using organic ingredients.
  5. Changes in the eating habits of consumers as they prefer pizza for casual dining and to eat it at parties.
  6. The rise in the disposable income of the population will lead to regular consumption of pizza.

The global pizza market is expected to reach a whopping $233.26 billion in 2023 growing at the rate of 10.17% every year. Europe and North America are currently the biggest markets for the consumption of pizzas.

Some must-know facts about Pizzas

  1. Dominos and Papa John’s, the two giants of the global pizza industry, increased their revenue from pizzas by $434 million in the first 9 months of 2020.
  2. Frozen pizza sales crossed $6 billion last year.
  3. Despite many restaurants closing due to the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic, 2000 new pizzerias opened around the globe.
  4. Dominos hired 30,000 new employees to meet the increasing demand for Pizza in 2020.
  5. 1 in 6 males eats pizza for breakfast, lunch, or dinner every day.
  6. General Assembly Pizza, a restaurant in Toronto raised $13 million in funds to expand its pizza production from 5000 units per day to 10000 units per day.
  7. World Pizza Day is celebrated on February 9 every year.
  8. Pizza Hut and KFC recently joined hands for introducing a popcorn chicken pizza costing 20.99 Euros along with garlic bread and wedges.
  9. Dominos can make a pizza in 34 million ways.
  10. The world’s fastest pizza maker can make 14 pizzas in just 2 minutes and 35 seconds.
  11. A whopping 3 billion pizzas are sold in the USA every year.
  12. Americans eat 350 slices of pizza per second with each person consuming 46 slices a year.
  13. Pizza pockets at least 10% of all food sales and pizzerias comprise 17% of all restaurants in the world.
  14. The largest size of pizza was 14 inches in diameter.

What is the crucial role played by a Pizza delivery app?

  • It is an online ordering app where a variety of pizzas can be delivered directly to the doorstep of the users.
  • Payments for the order can be made either online or in cash by the customers.
  • A real-time order tracking facility is available for the user to monitor the movement of the delivery from the restaurant to his/her location.
  • It contains access to order history for quick re-ordering of the buyer for the same kind of pizza.

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The noteworthy features of the Pizza delivery app like Pizzahut

  1. Customers need to use the Pizza delivery app for accessing the menu offered by the restaurant, pay for the pizza through various online payment methods or integration with PayPal and Stripe payment gateways, access exciting discounts and offers, get rewards from the loyalty program, and reach out to the 24×7 customer support team through chats, voice calls, or video calls, to report any grievances or complaints.
  2. Make special pizzas to celebrate birthday parties and also offer Pizza delivery for weddings and corporate events to enhance the business prospects.
  3. Introduce gift cards and e-gift vouchers to the users for festival occasions. Ensure that it can be redeemed easily.
  4. Include other aspects like social media registration facility for the new users, preferred delivery timing options, geo-location tagging, and the issue of real-time push notifications.
  5. Offer contactless delivery options for the customers due to coronavirus concerns. A contactless takeaway facility can also be provided where the pizza will be prepared in a store and kept ready for the customer who collects it safely after making the order online.

What can the delivery executives do in the Pizza delivery app?

  1. The delivery executives can accept or reject a request to deliver pizzas to the homes of the users.
  2. Interact with the customers through either call or live chat facility.
  3. Access details of the order like pick-up location, expected delivery time, and the total value of the order.
  4. Utilize the route optimization option to deliver pizzas quickly to the customers by travelling through the shortest route.
  5. Access their order history like the total number of orders delivered, their overall ratings from customers, earnings, and total working hours.

What is the role of the restaurant in a Pizza delivery app like Pizzahut?

  1. The restaurants can use the Pizza delivery app for uploading their exclusive Pizza menu.
  2. Announcing discounts, offers, special coupons, and promo codes for the diners.
  3. Ensure a good relationship with the customers and the delivery personnel.
  4. Check the order status (whether it is being processed or completed).
  5. Accept online payments for the delivered pizza.
  6. Get access to detailed analytics regarding sales, profits, and total expenses through an easy-to-understand dashboard.
  7. Handling feedback from the pizza buyers.

The process involved in launching a pizza delivery app in no time

  1. Analyze the existing competitors and the business practices followed by them to increase their pizza sales.
  2. Think about unique aspects that you can add to your pizza delivery app to differentiate yourself from the intense competition in the market.
  3. Hire different persons like a UI/UX designer, mobile app developers, marketing managers, finance managers, project managers, business analysts, frontend developers, backend developers, and software developers.
  4. Technologies like Python, JavaScript, AngularJS, Google Places API, Swift, MongoDB, and Google Analytics can be used.
  5. Cloud integration can be done with Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud.
  6. Add all the necessary features to your Android, and ioS mobile apps and website.
  7. Test the functioning of the initial prototype before full-scale development.
  8. Launch it in the market at the right time to get more business traction.
  9. Render 24×7 technical support and periodic maintenance services.
  10. We provide an easy-to-use Pizza delivery app in the form of a ready-made white label solution. It includes integrated digital wallets, free installation and setup, a licensed source code, and a responsive web panel.

Final Thoughts

Pizza is the perfect option for casual dining. Create a state-of-the-art pizza delivery app now as the growth in pizza consumption is expected to skyrocket in the years to come. Developing a top-notch pizza delivery app like Pizza Hut by partnering hands with us will yield huge revenue in a short time and help in dominating the market.

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