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Guide To Potential Crypto Ventures Using NFT Launchpad Development Solutions From Us

Lately, the crypto world has been witnessing a historic surge in the industry, with a massive 82% jump just in 2020. Which resonates in the market with fiat money to be as high as $250 million through just sales of the cryptos and NFTs. Also, are you aware of the statistics that read that the trade volume of digital assets has grown far over $2 billion in the first half of 2021? Encompassing all the blockchain technology in-house, TurnkeyTown has built an empire-like NFT Launchpad Development platform that will further pull your crypto venture in the industry. Want to know more about our unique, customizable solutions to develop your own cryptocurrency launchpad? Then sit tight and cruise through our expounding blog of our expertise in all-inclusive NFT launchpad services.

Some Of Our Best Models In NFT Launchpad That You Might Want to Adapt

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

NFT Dashboard can generate native tokens for NFT creators swiftly, efficiently, and securely with our Initial Coin Offering NFT Launchpad Development Solutions. This launch board can then proceed to sell these tokens, called ICO, and the money raised through ICO can be used to develop the launchpad.

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

The NFT dashboard can control NFT creators, and projects can be easily deployed using our solutions for an immaculate Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). You can then share the verification details with the end user. With the inclusion of this process, end users can gain access to adequately verified NFT projects.

Initial NFT Offering (INO)

Using the Initial NFT Offering, the holders of the native token of a particular NFT project have exclusive access to NFT sales. NFT creators can choose whether it will be first served, lottery, or guaranteed allocation.

Critical Features for Building NFT Launchpad Platforms With Us!

  • Showcase/illustration
  • Project information
  • Create a project
  • NFT project review
  • NFT funding model
  • Cryptocurrency wallet integration
  • Payment gateway
  • KYC verification
  • Distribution of Native Tokens
  • Launchpad Marketing Services

User-Driven Components That, As An NFT Launchpad Solutions Provider, We Offer For You!

The things we’ve discussed so far are pretty general about launchers. The developments have been layered into a series of NFT launchers for more classified uses, such as ICOs, STOs, IEOs, IDOs, IGOs, IIOs, and other token offering platforms. While the purpose of all remains the same, they work closely with domain-specific integrations and features for a synchronous launch. The items listed below are simple ingredients that benefit the user.

  • The development of the NFT Dashboard allows NFT creators to list their related projects on the platform while displaying their data and product details. Here, the NFT project is shown with a visual description of the project to attract investors.
  • Before crowdfunding, the foundation self-regulates the value of the project. In other words, the project can only continue to develop when the platform verifies the project plan.
  • After verifying the credibility and potential of the NFT project, the platform demonstrates the following criterias like, designing, prototyping, and developing the interface.
  • The project development plan or project white paper, the scope of the project, the implementation of the developer team, and more fundamentally, the relevance of the project for the NFT company to the Their advantages are provided. Projects listed on the platform can be funded with cryptocurrency, and project owners unlock access to professional NFT Launchpad Development services, as well as for marketing.
  • The initial investors in the project can stake their cryptocurrencies using smart contracts, which can help them win a giant lottery.
  • The creators of the platform get a significant advantage, as they can decide the number of cryptocurrencies to bet.
  • Once the initial token supply is complete, the reward distribution will take place. Therefore, the NFT is distributed fairly among the investors of the NFT, as mentioned earlier.
  • The final advantage for an investor is that when they fund a project, the project achieves a follow-up process. In the event that the required amount of funds is not raised for the project, investors will receive their funding amount without loss.

Get Ahold Of Our One-Stop Solution Providing NFT Launchpad Services!

Business Benefits Of Our Exclusive NFT Launchpad Development – What You Get With TurnkeyTown

The NFT Launchpads created with our experts help you build unique business portfolios which will take your project to the next level. We offer our solutions and introduce them to communities from the earlier stages and create the hype, which attracts high returns of investments at lower transaction costs. However, given the fluctuating nature of cryptos in general, a trade must be made more complex. Right? Moving further, we have listed some of the crucial necessities in delivering a launchpad that has burgeoning benefits.

  • Global Visibility of the project is made possible with our platform transcending barriers like languages, geographical locations, etc. Our NFT Launchpad solutions offer the NFT creators or the owners to have access to a global audience by bringing them closer to our interactive interface.
  • As a user, you can have immediate liquidity for all your minted cryptographic digital assets in the platform. With a unique profile created for you in the crypto ecosystem, we help you bring in traffic that elevates the NFT trades at a global level.
  • The Royalty is one of the major perks that any business can offer to its user, especially in a volatile business environment like that of cryptos. We offer you a dedicated NFT launchpad architecture that makes it convenient for the NFT owners to open access to users’ loyalty points and build their own legacy in the system.
  • Our extensive NFT Launchpad Platform Development is designed and projected in a way that allows you the option of creating a native token. This native token created using our multi-purpose launchpad will aid in raising funds and token staking rewards as an added benefit. Also, you can unlock several marketing benefits easily.

A Step-by-step Process For Developing An NFT Launchpad

As mentioned earlier, the core switch in crypto development is to maintain uniqueness, personalization, and, most importantly, create an NFT launchpad. Our elite Project and platform developers strive to make Launchpad safe and protected from harsh impacts. Some of our other successful white-label NFT launchpad developments include Splinterlands Clone, Sorare Clone, and Axie Infinity Clone.

TurnkeyTown’s Platform Instigation – Follow these guidelines to provide your users with an NFT-rich platform.

  • Define project details with niche specifications that anchor the goal of maximizing financial returns. The definition of niche platforms such as art, film, influencers, videos, and content promises excellent and robust development for investors.
  • Our Experts develop a stellar software requirements specification (SRS) that defines roles such as administrator, investor, and collector, their primary and secondary functions, and architecture based on customer requirements.
  • Create Web3 application archetypes for platforms that meet three criteria: outline, wireframe, and clickable archetypes.
  • We come up with definitive UI/UX design development that is interestingly simple. This allows NFT launchpad development to be interactive, traditional, and customizable.
  • Our Launchpad’s frontend and backend development are essential for Launchpad to work. In other words, this step ensures that users have all the coded software they need, such as smart contacts, search engines, frameworks, and other tech stacks (including logical operations).
  • The final product of our development tests is performed by QA specialists to rule out any bugs or errors that may exist in the platform. This test checks platform functionality, compatibility, performance, usability, security, and a few other operations.
  • Once NFT Launchpad testing is complete, the NFT Launchpad will be deployed. They are then deployed to the cloud or local servers for owners to initiate listings.
  • Maintenance and administrative support are as necessary as any other process of development as they are responsible for gathering feedback. This data helps NFT launchpad owners to improve the functionality of the platform further.

Why Must You Choose Us?

NFT has gone into all verticals, including entertainment. Recent news in the NFT space is that world-famous Netflix and Spotify are granting lifetime memberships to their digital asset venture. Their revolutionary NFTs, once purchased, will open access for permanent members to the platform.

Hence, besides all the necessary information about the workflow of the super lucrative crowdfunding platform, the cost depends on the complexity. If you have a great business idea and want to quickly enter the industry, create an NFT launchpad development platform now!

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